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Experienced Real Estate Help For A Variety of Needs

At the Zeltser Law Group, we understand how complex real estate matters can be. Whether you're purchasing or selling a home, involved in commercial real estate, or are planning a new construction project, there is plenty of red tape. Without being adequately represented by a skilled real estate lawyer, you run the risk of losing both time and money.

With so much at stake, it is critical that you have legal representation you can trust to zealously advocate for your best interests in any situation. The Zeltser Law Group has experience in a wide variety of real estate matters and can provide you with comprehensive legal help for your unique needs.


Single Family Homes

Purchasing a new home or selling your home can be difficult. Few transactions are perfectly smooth, and often, there are bumps in the road that families just don't anticipate or are prepared for. Although a real estate agent is well-equipped to handle some of these situations, the truth is that they will not be able to provide you with any kind of legal advice. Furthermore, they are largely interested in procuring a transaction that has a positive impact on them, not necessarily you as the buyer or seller.

A real estate attorney is the only party who is absolutely on your side and who can advocate for the terms of the contract to reflect your best interests alone. The Zeltser Law Group has significant experience working with single family home purchases and sales, and can provide you the legal representation needed to secure a positive outcome.


Multifamily Homes

A multifamily home can be a great investment for many people, especially if they're looking to both have a place to live and additional rental income. However, when it comes to taxes, both buying and selling a multifamily home can become extraordinarily complicated. There are numerous IRS guidelines on investment properties, and depreciation and write-offs can add another layer of challenges. It is important to have an experienced real estate professional on your team when considering buying or purchasing a multifamily home. At Zeltser Law Group, we have extensive expertise and resources to help you determine if purchasing or selling a multifamily home is in your best interests, and we can provide you with comprehensive legal assistance throughout each stage of the process.


Condominiums And Co-Ops

If selling or purchasing a house is challenging, buying or selling a condo or a co-op is even more so. There are numerous things to think about beforehand, such as repairs, property taxes, fees, property insurance, bylaws and financing. Understanding the ins and outs of condominium and co-op purchases and sales is something that few people are able to do on their own, and failure to have adequate legal representation in such a matter can be very costly in the end.


If you are considering purchasing or selling a condo or a co-op, it is critical that you discuss the matter with a seasoned real estate attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer will help you gather all necessary information and documentation, and will review the purchase or sales agreement in detail in order to ensure that all terms are in your complete and total favor.


New Construction

Planning a new construction project can be both exhilarating and frightening. Whether you are building your dream home or building a company from the ground up, numerous issues can arise at any point. Contractor disputes, zoning laws, environmental hazards, risk mitigation and more can complicate the plan, and if not handled properly; can stop the project's progression dead in its tracks. Delays in construction can cost more than time — they can cost astronomical amounts of money, eating deep into your project's budget and leaving you little to show for it.

At the Zeltser Law Group, our seasoned real estate attorneys have worked on numerous construction projects and have an intimate understanding of the potential pitfalls of a new construction project. We can apply our skills and resources to your project, helping to prevent many issues from coming up in the first place and efficiently handling issues if they do arise.


Foreclosure/Bank-Owned (REO) Properties

Buying a foreclosed property or a bank-owned (REO) property can be a great investment. You can often get more for your money, however, a lot of potential issues can come up in this type of real estate transaction.

Negotiating price is just one aspect of purchasing a foreclosed home. You'll need to consider financing, having an inspection done, and the potential repairs that the property will need either immediately or over time. The experienced real estate attorneys at the Zeltser Law Group have the expertise to adequately represent you when purchasing a foreclosed home and can help you negotiate the best possible outcome.


Commercial Properties

Buying and selling commercial properties is perhaps the most complex of all real estate transactions. Not only can commercial properties be significantly more costly than residential properties, there are more laws governing the sale and use of the property, including zoning regulations. If you are purchasing a commercial property, you need to be certain that the property in question is zoned properly, and has adequate space and accommodations for your business needs. If you are selling a commercial property, you want to make sure that you are able to sell the establishment quickly and to a reputable buyer.


At Zeltser Law Group, we can help you obtain a positive result from a commercial real estate transaction, so you can continue to focus on the growth of your business.

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If you're involved in a real estate matter of any kind, it is critical that you get seasoned legal help as soon as possible in order to procure a successful outcome. Call the Zeltser Law Group today to discuss your needs at 718-831-2529 or reach out online.

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