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Guardianship Lawyer In New York City

How You Can Become A Loved One's Guardian

Life may unexpectedly throw you into a position where you must take guardianship of a loved one. But while it sounds simple enough, being a guardian to another — whether they are a child or incapacitated adult — can be a demanding task.

If you are considering the role of guardian, it is important to understand the serious nature of such a legal arrangement. For this reason, we encourage you to enlist our attorney's help as early on as possible. When you choose Zeltser Law Group, you can trust us to guide you through the guardianship proceedings from start to finish.

The Documents You Will Need

Because being a guardian is more than just a title, the application process requires a great deal of paperwork. It starts with the gathering of various forms and documents detailing yours or your ward's assets, expenses and more.

These may include:

  • Ledgers or banking statements

  • Other investment or financial statements

  • Testamentary documents

  • Receipts for grocery, clothing, necessities, etc.

  • Medical bills, insurance information and more

  • Invoices for educational expenses

As such, you will take on responsibility for not only the care and safety of your ward, but also the management of their estate or personal assets. Thus, thorough documentation is one way for the state to ensure that you are performing your duties in an ethical manner.

The Guidance We Can Offer

Guardianship is not for everyone, but should you decide to embark on this journey; you do not have to navigate it alone. Work with our skilled family law lawyer to prepare and file your case today.

To learn more about the guardianship process, visit our Brooklyn, New York office for a free 30-minute consultation.

Call 718-831-2529 or reach out to us online with appointment inquiries.


We offer our services in Russian and can provide a Spanish translator by request.

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